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Turbocharge Your Career on Your Lunch Hour


Dan gives an informative and humorous keynote speech on the contents of his book. It can be in person or via Zoom, MS Teams, etc. This is a motivational talk that will encourage your employees to embark on self-development activities that will help them as well as your company. A fun win-win!


"Turbocharge Your Career on Your Lunch Hour" wins high praise from anyone in a lower or midlevel career job who wants to move up.

During a 40-year career, you will have spent about four years at lunch.  This book is chock full of crazy ideas that Dan did at lunch that helped him break out of a mid-level mediocre career and climb the corporate ladder. After he retired, he was regularly asked to travel and give talks about the California Earthquake Authority and what California expects from the insurance industry after the next big earthquake. In this capacity, he has made presentations in Christ Church New Zealand, Istanbul Turkey, Mexico City Mexico, and all over the USA.  After these talks the young professionals wanted to know how he got that job. So, he wrote down all the activities that he thought helped him succeed in business and his career. Soon he started making presentations on the unique things he did during his lunch hours that he felt turbocharged his career. Now you have it in book form.    Ebook $4.99     Paperback $19.99

Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 

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