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Residential Earthquake Claim Handling training

What I do is California Earthquake Claim Handling Training.  A certificate of completion that meets the California regulations is given at the end of my class. 


Any adjuster who goes to California to handle an earthquake claim will be asked to show their California Earthquake Claim Handling certificate before a company will use them.   What the adjusters learn in this class, will also help prepare them to handle an earthquake claim in any State.  

There are two ways to do this.   Some companies like me to partner with an engineer in which case I usually do about two hours on earthquake claim adjusting and the CEA 2016 policy coverage if it is a CEA company.   And… the engineer does a couple of hours on earthquake damage assessment.   This takes up a good half day.    I can recommend good engineers for this class.


If I am working for a non-CEA company, I use ISO earthquake forms or can customize my presentation to the company’s EQ forms.   I can use residential and or commercial forms.


Or, I can present the entire class myself without the engineer which takes about 3 hours with a break in the middle.   Either way, it gets your adjusters trained and accredited to handle EQ claims in California, and the rest of the country.  






Sacramento, CA, USA

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